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Eyelid Disorders


Ectropion is outward turning of the lower lid. Presenting symptoms are usually tearing, ocular irritation, eyelid redness, and discharge. Surgery restores the normal lid position and improves eye comfort.


pre-surgery entropionEntropion is the inward turning of the lower lid that results in discomfort from lashes rubbing the eye. Corrective surgery restores the normal position and prevents corneal scarring. A less invasive office based procedure that uses BOTOX® followed by laser treatment is available.

Eyelid Growths

Lid lesionThe eyelids are a common area to develop growths due to a variety of structures and complex anatomy. The oculoplastic surgeon’s ability to exam with magnification and experience aids in the diagnosis and treatment. The important thing is to determine whether the growth is benign or malignant.

Benign (non-cancerous) growths are more common and can be removed by a variety of techniques. Growths along the lid margin or lash line can be safely removed without the risk of eye injury, lid notching, lash loss, or color changes with appropriate techniques.

Cancerous growths can often be recognized by features such as characteristic appearance, ulceration, and lash loss. A biopsy is required for diagnosis before proceeding with surgery. Cancerous growths require surgery with goals of complete surgical removal, preservation of eyelid function, and restoration of normal eyelid appearance.

  • Before
    Before laser entropion
    After laser entropion
  • Before
    Before lid lesion surgery
    After lid lesion surgery