L.O. Eye Care collaborates with South Michigan Ophthalmology

We are happy to announce as of 1/1/2019, L.O. Eye Care is collaborating with South Michigan Ophthalmology (SMO) in Marshall, MI.  The collaboration with SMO will allow more local access to specialty eye care in the Marshall area, allowing more people to get what they need right in town. From L.O. Eye Care, O’Neil Biscette, MD (retina specialist) and Craig Lewis, MD (oculoplastic specialist) are now seeing patients at SMO. Teresa Luzunaris, OD, and Naiya Panchal, OD, are available to see patients for complete eye exams as well.  

In conjunction, Dr. Hathaway, of SMO, is seeing patients as well at our Battle Creek location. 

To learn more about SMO and where they are located, you can visit their website at smovision.org 

We are excited to be able to announce this new collaboration and believe it will enhance Eye Care for the entire community!