“Working with Dr. Lewis and his staff was a great experience.  Not only do I get compliments that I look younger, but my peripheral vision is improved!”

Vickie Jaworski, L.O. Eye Care Oculoplastic Patient

"This surgery has opened a whole new world to me. The world is such a beautiful place with more vibrant colors than I have ever seen. I am able to see things I couldn't see before even with glasses on!"

Beverly Hicks, L.O. Eye Care Cataract Surgery Patient, Toric Lens Recipient

"All I can say is that the LASIK surgery is the best money I've ever spent!!!! If you are someone who likes instant gratification, then this surgery will be perfect for you!!! No more prescription glasses and sun glasses. Life looks so much better when you can see it clearly. I would recommend LASIK and the professionals at Lansing Ophthalmology to anyone!!

Kelly Hude, Mason, MI, L.O. Eye Care LASIK Patient

"With it being allergy season soon, I like not having to worry about the irritation that contacts gave me and of course, I love being able to wake up and see immediately!"

Sergio Ray, L.O. Eye Care LASIK Patient

"I am very happy with the whole experience, it was quick and painless - my only regret is that I didn't do it many years ago!"

Susan Furseth, L.O. Eye Care LASIK patient

"I received excellent service and care from the whole company. I wasn't surprised. I did a ton of research in selecting Lansing Ophthalmology. I am very satisfied. Thanks for your service."

Derek Horn, L.O. Eye Care LASIK patient