Tracy M. Putnam, O.D.

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Tracy M. Putnam, O.D.

Eye Care & Contact Lenses
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Dr. Putnam received her Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University.  She received her Doctor of Optometry degree from Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio, Texas and completed a Residency in Ocular Disease and Poly-trauma at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System in San Antonio.  Dr. Putnam enjoys spending time with her son, husband and their two dogs.

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Dr. Putnam is wonderful!!


The doctor was professional and respectful. She answered my questions.


She was thorough, she was friendly, and took the initiative to call me to follow up on some questions that I had.


Dr. Putnam was awesome! I was sad to hear that she was only in Grand Ledge temporarily.


Dr. Putnam was awesome! I was sad to hear that she was only in Grand Ledge temporarily.


Dr. Putnam was great, and I have in fact already told some of my colleagues about her and the entire office staff at the new Okemos location.


I thought Dr. Putnam was very helpful as she took the time to explain my situation clearly. I definitely would recommend her to anyone I know.


I found Dr Putnam to be caring and really listened to me when I asked questions. She was excellent! One of the best that LOEYE has!


Very professional service.


Dr. Putnam was very confident in her practice, so I had all confidence in her.


She was great!


I was just telling a friend what a great "bedside manner" Dr. Putnam had!


Dr. Putnam was fantastic!


Putnam was great, very satisfied with trying a new type of contact lense. Glad she opened that door for me. Besides the fact my trial pair was lost and I had to wait an extensive amount of time, I was happy.


Very professional and thorough


Dr. Putnam was very knowledgeable and patient. I didn't feel rushed at all, she answered all my questions in a way I could easily understand.


Dr. Putnam did an excellent job


Dr. Putnam was a fine doctor. I was unhappy with the series of events that occurred at my eye appointment, but they weren't necessarily related to Dr Putnam. There was a huge lack of communication between office staff, the doctor, and myself.


I enjoyed my visit with Dr Putman. She was both warm and professional.


Dr. Putnam is a wonderful eye doctor. He care for my eyes was outstanding. She addressed everything I needed​ or wanted​ appropriately and professionally. 5 stars for Doctor Putnam.


Dr. Putnam did an amazing job with me & exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much Dr. Putnam for your attentiveness and for going out of your way to seek out the best solution that works for me! You rock! :-)


Dr. Putnam was very professional and approachable and was very responsive to my questions and gave me a clear understanding of my options.