Kevin J. Liu, D.O.

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Kevin J. Liu, D.O.

Cataract Surgery, LASIK
Board Certified
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East Lansing - Coolidge Road

Dr. Liu obtained his undergraduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. He earned his medical degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth and completed his ophthalmology residency at Michigan State University/Detroit Osteopathic Ophthalmology Consortium, Oakland General Hospital, Detroit.

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Dr. Liu is an amazing doctor and has excellent bedside manor!!


I think Dr. Liu is a very kind, caring, positive, intelligent eye doctor and highly recommend him to everyone. Very happy he is my doctor.


I have total confidence in Dr. Liu.


Very caring.


I've always been happy with Dr. Liu's practices - he's friendly, keeps me informed what's happening with my eyes and consistently shares this information with my primary care physician.


Dr. Liu makes you feel as if you are his only patient. Then he expertly explains to you about your eyes.


Great doctor great staff thanks for everything


I am satisfied with the continuous care on my eyes from Dr. Liu.


Dr. Liu is the best. He is really the nicest, kindest person you could hope to meet. He always listens to my concerns and takes time to answer my questions fully. I think very highly of him as a person and as a professional. Because of him, I have found a solution to my dry eye condition which was very uncomfortable but now, is totally under control because he and I have worked together on this issue for several years. I would recommend him to anybody.


Cataract surgery on my left eye very successful, and gentle. Explained everything so I could understand. Am having my right eye done soon. No worry.


I have seen Dr. Liu for years. He has always been courteous and friendly as well as complete in his examination. He takes the time to explain any findings. I have complete confidence in his care.


Dr. Liu is a very patient doctor. He will listen to your concerns and then examine, discuss in terms you can understand using pictures as a visual, then tell you his suggestion for treatment. He is very caring and honest and he will suggest the least evasive solution for your comfort as treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Liu if you are looking for an ophthalmologist.


Dr. Liu and the entire staff at L. O. Eye Care are FANTASTIC! I highly recommend them!


I Just enjoy my visits with Dr. Liu!!! He is very thorough and always polite and explains what is going on!!!


Dr. Liu is a kind & understanding Doctor. He has been the best Doctor I have had yet.


Love Dr Liu. very friendly and knowledgeable


I've been a patient of Dr Liu for years and am extremely happy with him!


I've been a patient of Dr Liu for years and am extremely happy with him!


Dr. Liu spoke to me as if I were a child, he was patronizing. He explained to me why I was experiencing symptoms that I had not once complained to him about. During my THIRD follow up appointment he recommended surgery for an issue that we had never discussed before and that I didn't believe I had. Each time I was told I would need a follow up appointment I asked to see a different doctor but was told I was not able to. I almost left LO Eyecare entirely because of my experiences with Dr. Liu


Dr. Liu was running behind but still took sufficient time to explain the diagnosis clearly and in detail.


Dr. Liu is always friendly and professional. I've always enjoyed my eyecare visits with him and felt I was getting the best care the profession has to offer. On this visit he had a student shadowing him (I don't know what level, so hope I'm not insulting him). I always appreciate Dr. Liu's mentoring activity, since we always need new professionals to follow on for those who retire, etc.


Excellent physician - skilled and caring.


Dr. Liu is extremely skilled and I totally trust him. He is also one of the kindest people I know.


I travel 4 hours to see Dr Liu! He is extremely competent and cares for his pateients. There are times when he may be running behind schedule, but I know he is caring for someone who needed some extra time. He is worth waiting to see!! I


Dr. Liu was excellent. My experience was outstanding. Could not have asked for a better lasik experience. His communication and calm demeanor made me feel at ease during the procedure. His follow up has been second to none. Thank you Dr. Liu!


I have the highest regards for Dr. Liu. I have recommended him to many friends.


I have been a patient of Dr Liu for about 6 or so years and consider him an excellent professional; both in skill and manners.


Dr. Liu is always very kind and patient. His sense of humor is also appreciated.


Very professional. Took the time to fully explain current diagnosis and future expectations.


Dr. Liu was wonderfully kind, compassionate and patient throughout my office visits. He quickly understood my issues and concerns and was reassuring that I would be relieved of symptoms fast, and be armed with a good preventative program. He and staff were impressively professional and warm and welcoming. I felt like I was in highly competent hands, and would absolutely recommend Dr. Liu!


Very Pleased with the procedure and bedside manner of Dr. Liu


Dr Liu is awesome.


Dr. Liu is incredible. I'm so happy to add him to my team of doctors


Dr. Liu has been a wonderful doctor and always brightens up the otherwise mundane act of an eye exam. He's great!


Dr. Liu is so warm and kind and always has a smile for you. He is very thorough and clear when giving you the results of your examination and answering your guestions. I love him, in my book he is the best


I love Dr Liu ~ he's the very best!


Dr. Liu is always excellent at listening and working out solutions to problems and concerns. He is also one of the nicest people in the world and never makes me feel like he's rushing off to the next patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Dr. Liu is a top-notch ophthalmologist.


Dr. Liu is always on time, he has a calming voice and explains my condition so I understand. He does not rush and gives me time to ask questions.


wonderful courteous doctor he listens to patient


I like Dr. Liu very much.


Very good experience. I can't believe there is anybody out there doing a better job.


I would refer any one to Dr. Liu. He is friendly and a great doctor. he is esp good with people with disabilities.


Quiet relaxed professional caring personable


Wonderful man. Wonderful Doctor. Glad he is moving to Okemos.


Wonderful man. Wonderful Doctor.


Always a pleasure to visit.


Dr. Liu is the very BEST thank you


Dr. Liu is wonderful, so thankful to be able to see him as a patient!


I mentioned to two different nurses that I had an eye twitch and they assured me the doctor would look at it. I'm disappointed that he did not.


I admire his professional manner and his personal warmth.


Wonderful physician and person. One of the very best!!!


Dr. Liu is an absolutely wonderful doctor!


Dr. Liu explained my condition with photos and also explained why my vision gets blurry after using a heat compress.


Dr Liu and his staff are the best. Love Love the optical dept.


I always enjoy talking with Dr. Liu! He is very good at communicating the medical treatment plan for my particular medical situation. He always treats me with courtesy and respect.


Dr. Liu is a very knowledgeable, very polite and extremly warm person. Thank you Dr. Liu.


Although I have absolute confidence in all of the staff, Dr. Liu is the only doctor that I personally trust. We have developed a great relationship over the years. I'm sure the other doctors are great, but Dr. Liu is my doctor, period.


Dr. Liu is simply a tremendously skilled physician and a wonderful human being. They don't come any better.


He was very easy to talk to & explained things to me. I want to thank him for having the time to see me, when it usually Dr Wilhelm I see. was very satisfied.


I have always loved the professional service I receive from Dr Liu. However, my thoughts are changing with this last condition I have been experiencing since last September. I understand the healing of this condition is slow, but it is not any better today than it was 5months ago. I feel like there should be more I can do to relieve symptoms. I am disappointed mostly.


Dr. Liu is excellent. He listens well, offers a clear and concise explanation of his diagnosis and suggested treatment. I appreciate both his patience and conciseness.


Amazingly great experience - best doctor visit EVER.


I liked dr. LIu & had great results. I wish he would verbalize w/ more emphasis the most important suggestions so I'd know what is most important to do.




Dr. Liu was recommended to my family by our former eye doctor when we moved to the Lansing area from the southeastern part of the state. We were told he was not only highly skilled but very "patient focused". We have found these characteristics to be absolutely true. Dr. Liu is a very kind and takes the time to explain to his patients exactly what is going on with their eyes, what can be done to correct any problems as well as any risks that there may be with various options. This practice is very busy but I have never had Dr. Liu leave the examination room without my questions answered. We feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful physician!


Exceptional physician. Glad to have him for my eye care.


Dr. Liu is a great doctor: honest, polite, good communicator, etc.


Dr. Liu delivers excellent care and is very thorough. He has great chair side manners and great rapport with his patients.


Dr. Liu is kind, courteous and willing to discuss any situation till you understand it. His professional manner and concern is why I continue here.


he is one of a kind.


Dr. Liu is the epitome of a knowledgeable, skilled, caring, communicative, personable, professional physician.


always a pleasure


He is always gracious.


Dr Liu is an excellent Doctor. I have recommended him many times.


Dr. Liu is outstanding! He not only listens to his patients but takes time to explain the details regarding the care he is providing.


A fine physician and consummate gentleman


Dr. Liu is one of the most competent physicians I have met, and his attentive patient focus is unparalleled.


He's a good doctor always polite!


Dr Liu is the very best!! So concerned , kind and friendly!!


I have always LOVED Dr. Liu! We started our journey with him when my daughter had a stye in her eye at the age of 2. Six years later he continues to be wonderful to all family members that have seen him. I hope he never departs from L.O.


Dr Liu is my favorite medical person.


I would not go to any other ophthalmologist. He explains clearly the results of eye exam and any recommendations. He is always in a welcoming mood.


Dr. Liu is a very professional and caring doctor. He is very thorough. I'm so thankful that my husband had him for his cataract surgery as my husband had a rare condition that required a skilled doctor to deal with. Dr. Liu did a great job.


love him as my dr.


Dr. Liu really makes me feel like he cares about my eyes. He never rushes our doctor visits and makes sure I know and understand all the results before I leave. I'm also very thankful to him for keeping my mother from going blind. Dr. Liu is a genius and very intelligent eye doctor. I highly recommend him to everyone.


Dr. Liu is one of the kindest and most competent doctors I have had the pleasure to visit.


Dr. Liu is great.


I appreciate Dr. Liu's willingness to see me on rather short notice.


Dr. Liu is an absolutely wonderful doctor. He is highly recommended by virtually every patient who I have come in contact with as well as others in the ophthalmology profession throughout the state!


Dr. Liu is the best and I wouldn't change Drs. For anything!


I appreciate Dr. Liu's careful attention to my eyes concerns. I put my confidence in his skilled abilities.


Dr. Liu is very kind and caring. He is professional, explains everything, answers questions, and always has a smile for you.


Very good.


I love Dr. Liu!


Joey loves Dr. Liu


Always kind, caring and a great doc.


Dr. Liu was an excellent teacher; non-pedantic, thorough, and clear. He also answered questions - however unrelated they may be to the appointment - with depth and thoughtfulness. Recommended.


my choice as an eye doc.


Dr. Liu continues to be one of the most professional, qualified, and caring individuals I have known. I feel my vision status is receiving the best of care -- thanks to Dr. Liu.


Dr Liu is one of the most personable and knowledgeable doctors I have met on nearly 60 years.




I have been coming to Dr Liu's for many years. I appreciate his knowledge and consideration of my vision status.


Always professional and thorough with explanations and answering/clarifying questions.


Dr. Liu is a excellent MY diabetic check up went very well. I will recommend Dr. Liu to any individual who is in need of a eye exam. The office staff at the front desk and those who are in the back are fantastic always smiling and checking up on patients after the eyes have been dilated. I am personally extremely safe and comfortable with everyone that I had contact with everything where I was in the office. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Dr. Liu is extremely thoughtful, knowledgeable, and compassionate.


I am a bit skeptic about anyone getting close to my eyes but Dr. Liu has done all the right things to keep my vision at its best so I will proceed with the cataract surgery and hope for the best.


I have complete confidence in Dr. Liu in this most crucial area of my life.


I have seen Dr Liu for many years. His service was always excellent.


Dr. Liu always informative and treats pt. with courtesy.


Dr. Liu is always respectful and clearly describes all aspects of diagnosis and treatment.


I believe Dr. Liu has my best eye health in mind. He explains my condition(s) to me in easy to understand terms including visual photos. He is very mild mannered and easy to talk to. His staff is very thorough and professional, yet personable.


Dr. Liu is extremely knowledgeable and competent. His manner is forthcoming and concerned.


I would not go anywhere else. There are several Dr's in my area, but I going to stay with Dr Kevin Liu. He does a super job.


I felt for comfortable with and confident in Dr. Liu. He explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. I was ecstatic with the results of my cataract surgery and the improvement in both my clarity and desired distance of vision.


very time management and excellent care with customer satisfaction.


Dr Liu is a wonderful doctor. I enjoy seeing every time. He takes.his time to listen and makes sure you are comfortable and fully understand what's going on. I wouldn't go to anyone else.


Dr. Liu consistently explains diagnosis, procedures and treatments with great detail that is understandable. Staff is efficient and effective and always respectful and pleasant. Love this practice. Thanks


Dr Liu is the best. Best staff at Lake Lansing office from the Dr. office to the optical staff downstairs. They know what they are doing.


He was wonderful. So willing to explain everything and to show me pictures to make everything very easy to understand.


I always enjoy seeing Dr Liu.


Highly competent, polite and ,respectful. I've NEVER met ANY Dr . with his unique demeanor.We're ALL fortunate & appreciative.


Dr. Liu is one of the best doctors I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. His attention in listening to his patients is second to none


Thank you for this survey opportunity. When I last visited Lansing Ophthalmology and Dr. Liu, I stated that I wanted to publicly let others know of the very efficient, patient friendly/professional service I received. I told them of my emergency visit that Dr. Liu took the time to address even though he was not in the office but at the hospital. He is specifically concerned about his patients. I learned this from the person who recommended him to me and later someone I'd just met a few days after this visit who is also a patient of Dr. Liu. I would highly recommend this practice and physician. My family is concerned when I have a medical appointment. They feel strongly that patients do best when they have family members present, etc. I agree but I've assured them that when they cannot attend appointments with me, I have never felt uncomfortable with the care/concern/efficient, professional care, I receive from this office staff and Dr. Liu.


Dr Liu is a wonderful man and loved by all his patients. Feel very lucky to have him; one of the best ever.


Dr. Liu has the highest standards in his profession.


Dr. Liu is absolutely the best! I would definitely recommend him to my friends/family without hesitation.


Dr Liu is very professional yet warm and friendly. His assistants are punctual and capable. I'm very pleased with my experiences at Dr Liu's office.


I always have liked Dr. Liu. I think he is an awesome Dr.


calming presence and personality


Dr. Liu is very concerned about his patients and always calls the evening after surgery to check that no problems have developed.


I have been with Dr. Liu for many years and have always found him to be very professional and caring. I have recommended him to many of my friends and they also like him a lot.


very thorough answered all questions extremely personable Five Stars


Dr. Liu is a great person always courteous and makes you feel at ease.


Very professional and looks at you when talking to you.


Excellent doctor


I can see why all of Dr. Liu's patients think he is wonderful! He instills confidence and assurance, he is warm and very helpful and funny. The whole office appears to be comprised of people who like each other and enjoy working together!


I love Dr. Liu. He is the best!


Dr. Liu is great!


Love Dr. Liu- He has my complete confidence and appreciation.


Dr Liu is one of the best doctors I have ever had through life. He has saved my sight from many eye Injuries and his bed side manner is the best.


Dr. Liu is absolutely everything you would want in a doctor. He not only listens to his patients but takes time to answer all their questions. Having moved to the Lansing area from another part of the state, we found Dr. Liu to be highly recommended by our former eye specialist as well as everyone we talked to in this area! Our family thinks he is great!


Dr. Liu is a compassionate and outstanding physician. He is also an excellent teacher (had a Resident with him the day I saw him). His staff are also terrific. Thank you!


I continue to be pleased with Dr Liu


Dr. Liu is extremely competent and an excellent communicator. I would not trust my vision to anyone else.


Who could not just love Dr. Liu...He is soooo skilled and knowledgeable, he takes such a personal interest in each and every patient. He spends as much time as it takes to answer my questions...he is wonderful!!


He's the best!


I love Dr Liu, he is a very special man and makes each person he sees feel very cared for and special. An excellent Doctor, one of the best.


Dr. Lui takes time to explain everything. He does a very good job.


Extremely kind, knowledgeable, and patient-centered; a quintessential D.O.!


Dr. Liu and every single nurse, technician, intake phone service worker, etc. FAR EXCEEDED our expectations!!! The warmth, caring, and professional care that both my husband and I, (cataract removal patient), received was top notch! From the moment we arrived to the time we left, we felt genuine consideration from every worker with which we spoke. Dr. Lieu, all of his office, and surgical center employees are truly what every patient and family member dreams of having when being cared for when medical attention is necessary!


very patient with my sometimes over-anxiety


I love my Doctor Liu he is excellent in every part of service. Thumbs up is what he gets from me.


Dr Liu is a kind, caring Dr. He takes time to explain in great detail, his findings. He answers all questions in a way that I understand. I would never consider going to a different Dr.